Saturday, June 4, 2016


Marc Jacobs Trench | JOA Fringe Sweater | Chloe Denim Shorts | Nature 'Anna' Elk Leather Shoes

Went to Denmark last month, and it was my first entry on European soil. Why it's taken me so damn long to make it there is beyond me. It's absolutely amazing, and now coming back from a place like that just makes me want to keep working to save up my pretty pennies and just travel. We went to Copenhagen for the first leg of the trip, but I will save the recap for the next post. But this series is from a wonderful place called Aarhus. It's about 3.5 hours from Copenhagen, and is equally just as dope. Why it doesn't get as much love, baffles my mind.

Everything is green and there is an abundance of wild life everywhere you go. Think peacocks, geese, ducks, fish, deer, and all sorts of woodland creatures to tickle this city girl's fancy. 

I was terrified of the weather, before coming here. Denmark is notorious for gloomy, cold, rainy weather just as much as London. It had just snowed the week before our arrival, and seeing that I'm a true Cali girl, I don't know the first thing about functional cold weather clothing. We truly were hashtag #blessed, because we decided to bring the sunshine with us. It was a 70 degree weathered week, and in fact the sun was way more intense than I have experienced in LA. I say that because I've been told that the sun hits closer in proximity to Denmark than it does in Los Angeles. Also these pictures were taken around 9:00 PM at "night." The sun doesn't set until about 10:30. In Denmark the sun rises at 4:30 AM during the summer. But trust, the winters are bitter and make up for this sun shiny utopia. 

While there, I got the chance to meet Eik who is the owner of a Danish footwear line called Nature. If in Denmark, you can find his shoes in all of the best shopping places like Copenhagen and Aarhus, as well as throughout Europe. I first spotted them at a highly curated designer store called Style Paste. It's a high-fashion street style dream store. At first glance, the shoes weren't necessarily my style-but let me preface it with saying that it's because I am attracted to the most uncomfortable non-functional shoes ever. Everything is pointy-toed and narrow in my closet, so I was pretty much fucked on my trip from all the walking. I was ecstatic when Eik offered me his best pair, which was the Anna and is made out of a soft Elk leather. What's great about his shoes, is that they are designed with the foot in mind. They are very natural and conform to the foot and are wide enough to the top so that comfortability is ensured while not compromising on luxe style. 

The elk leather is supple and is like a breathable sock, so you never have to worry about your feet smelling or not breathing if you decide to wear a pair without socks. I was so damn happy to receive the pair because it made the rest of our trip in Denmark so much more enjoyable without me complaining every 20 minutes about how much my feet hurt. Can't recommend them enough, and will definitely be ordering up another pair.

Anywho, I am missing Aarhus right about now with their 10 PM sunsets, but it won't be my last visit. Until the next time.


-Dillon D. 

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