Wednesday, December 28, 2016

All Smiles: Fame & Partners

Noire dress by Fame and Partners  | Vintage Moto Jacket | Diesel shoes | Monocrafft earring | Bucket bag

Photos: Theo Macabeo for Fame and Partners

I fell off the face off my bloggy blog earth to fully pursue my new career in fashion. After closing the store down last year, I swore that I wouldn't work in the industry for a while, because I really lost a lot of myself while doing Buttons & Bows. When you pour yourself into something you love so much, and then it dies — it's a good thing to take a step back, take a breather, assess, and figure out the next steps. I found my job with Fame and Partners, by what I know was fate. During my last month at that building, I had worked for another company at the time, and noticed the new ladies in town. The Fame team was really hard to miss, as they were the most fashionable bunch in the building. 

I came across the CEO of the company, which is Nyree and always paid compliments where the compliments were due (which is always), as she always had killer chokers and outfits on. You could say she was outfit goals a lot. One exchange of information led to another, and I'm proud to say I now work for an amazing fashion company that's "disrupting the way women shop." Fame and Partners is a customizable womenswear brand, who believes in zero waste and is a made to order business model. What you get is of the trend styles within every season, made especially just for you. Fame and Partners is now a Los Angeles-by-way-of-Sydney based brand. With its aesthetic often referred to along the likes of Reformation, but with a cool Aussie twist.

This blog post has been a long time coming, as I've been getting a lot of inquiries from friends such as —"sooooo what exactly is it that you do now?" For the sake of killing two birds with one stone, this is a cliff note story of my time with Fame and Partners, whilst (yes their lingo is rubbing off on me, can we say legend?!) showing off one of their newest designs that are perfect for celebrating the holidays and well beyond. This metallic silver number is one of my favorites, as it evokes the covetable 90s look a la Kate Moss. The fabric comes in two more slip styles offered by F&P called Darlo and Jaxton, which are some of my faves. 

Stay close, as I'll be showing you how to wear 6 more holiday frocks a la street style well past the New Year!

Oh yes, and these photos are for those who say I don't have enough pictures of me smiling. The proof is in the pudding that I have a lot to be happy for and smiling about.


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  1. Wow so cool you work at Frame and Partners!!! Its always sad when you have to let something that you loved go, but I'm so impressed that you found such a cool new opportunity!!!