Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spell Bound

Second Skin Overalls | Zara Turtleneck | Ray Bans | Flowers and Skin Earrings | Marc Jacob Trench | Zara Shoes

Spent yesterday with the girls to show them around the Lake of Silver, aka Silverlake, aka hipsterdom. The weekend days have been a glorious one as it's been filled with a lot of sunshine, which is a welcomed one as it's been raining all month. I'm not complaining though, as California really needed it. I also read that a lot of the depleted lakes are starting to appear again, because of all the rainfall. How tight is that? 

We hit up the usual jaunts that you would in Silverlake, such as  a picturesque brunch at a newish spot called Sawyer. The cocktails are just out of this world. My favorite to get is their carrot ginger turmeric one, with some gin makes it a spicy and botanical delight. That one is pictured.

The food is good, but not mind-blowing. I hear dinner service is better, but it's hard not wanting to enjoy the ambiance during the day. After that, we hit up a local boutique called Dream Collective so I could pick up a perfume I've been obsessing about.  It's this perfumery that's based out of Tulum that produces all these heady scents that have a mystical quality about them. After that, we went to our favorite crystal store in all of La La land called Spellbound Sky to pick up some good-vibe feeling stones. That place never ceases to amaze in how much I can spend there easily. 

I'm off to Cuba tomorrow for a friend's wedding. I'm pretty damn excited to get out for a minute. I hear internet is poor out there, which is making me mildly freak out. But I'm also glad to be unplugging for a bit, so I can enjoy the beauty and awe-inspiring culture that is Cuba. Can't wait to share what I capture there! Until next time.


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