Thursday, March 23, 2017


Vintage ROFFE Ski Jumpsuit | Minimale Animale Swim Top | Apatico Choker  | Pocket Chain

Photos: Lauryn Adkinz

I met my friend Lauryn through one of those "secret" (not so secret) Facebook groups and we connected one day IRL over vision boarding. I guess you could say the bond was instant, and both being creative individuals, we did something together and did a thing, which are these series of photos at my happiest place on earth: The Redondo Fun Factory, which is sadly closing in 2019 due to a sad luxury mall development in place of it. 

While said vision boarding, Lauren pulled out this epic little jumpsuit out of her back before leaving and told me if it fit, I could have the jumpsuit. On the hanger it looked like it wouldn't, but low and behold that thing fit me like a damn glove which is so fucking rare. So of course when Lauren said hey, let's get weird and go create stuff, I thought it was only fair we shot this epic little onesie she gave to me, seeing as she bought it in the first place for wardrobe for shooting. All in all it was a fun day of skating in the sun, annihilating some sea creatures, and playing some arcade games after.  If you haven't gone to this beloved LA institution that I hold so dear to my heart, be sure to go. I promise it only brings you pure happiness each time.

Go check my friend's work out, she's the best and has the funnest pink hair and best winged-tip eye liner I've ever seen. 

-Dillon D.


  1. I am in love with this onesie 😍 Rocking it so hard

  2. I love how you use your skate board as a fashion statement!

  3. Is that necklace/bodynecklace part of the jumpsuit? If not, I love how you combined them! Such a rad statement piece!
    Abby @clothesandpizza

  4. I feel like most of my besties right now started off as internet group friendships haha. There's something wonderful about connecting over shared passions :)

  5. Love the choker ❤️❤️❤️❤️