Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Blue Heroes Moto Jacket | The Row Sheer Long Oxford | Shakuhachi Slip Dress | Vans SK8 HI | Monocrafft Earrings

Creative direction, styling, and photography: Willis the Gorilla

Last weekend was rad. It started off with an epic piercing party after work Friday with cult favorite piercer,  J. Colby Smith, courtesy of my kick ass boss Nyree. Yes, my job is seriously that cool and hip with it. I ended up adding a hoop to one of my ears, and also changed out my black mole-looking piercing to a nice beautiful pearl and gold finish stud. I'm still getting use to the change, but it's growing on me. Faces need outfit changes too guys.

Then on Saturday it was followed up by finally hanging out and shooting some stuff with my creative stylist friend Will, who use to pull from my old store for shoots. Will and I have always talked about collaborating life after Buttons and Bows, so I thought it would be interesting for him to style me with stuff in my closet, since it's the only inventory I have now. Sometimes I feel unimaginative with my closet. I like dressing up for work the most, weirdly enough. Maybe because all the girls at work bring some serious fashion game. But when it comes to dressing on the weekends, I can get quite stumped. Of course Will picked out the thing I've bought and never worn. Only because I have had a really hard time figuring out how to style it.

It's a sheer sleeveless long oxford layer which is quite lovely, but I could never get around to matching it up with anything without feeling overly preppy. We both opted for a long slip dress, and the Polka dot Shakuhachi one was the way to go. Toughened up the look with my vintage Blue Heroes moto jacket, and topped it off with my Vans mesh Sk8-Hi. 

Will and I have also gone on about how we need to go on skateboard sesh, so we decided to do a two-for-one deal of doing something creative and getting a little activity in. We cruised around the Arts District and found some fun galleries to poke our heads on through. The empty streets made for an epic skating friendly day all together. Really love how the pictures came out, and we hope you like the Ode to skater girl-inspired shots. The sheer layer, made for some good movement shots. Good job Will!

- Dillon D.


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