Wednesday, February 24, 2016

501 Baby

Habitual Tank Zara Yellow Moto | Topshop booties | Nasty Gal Bra | Ebb & Flow Custom Gold Necklace | Custom Vintage 501 Levis 

Being petite, short, and sweet has some perks. I can wear most full-length tops like dresses most of the time. I can wear things baggy and I can get away with not having the perfect fit. But one thing that is more hard to come by more than anything are finding some damn classic Levis to fit or pants for that matter. Luckily there's been a slew of cropped pant styles going around, which are perfect for vertically challenged 5'3 girls like moi. It's been a great time for pants hunting.

Last week I went with a girlfriend to explore the streets of the east side in Highland Park. I'm originally from Eagle Rock (born and raised) and it's changed so much in that cute, gentrified kinda way. Lots of the stores resemble some of the vintage treasure hunting that only belonged to streets like Haight Street in San Francisco, and the digging was good!

Lots of amazing interior design stores there, mixed in with very strict vintage shops. Hardly any contemporary stores are to be found there yet. Just some cool hip bars, a vinyl record store, a book store, and a damn good vegan donut shop sprinkled in between. Came across Possession Vintage as a must-check out from Yelpers. Ran into the shop owner Dan, who also is in a band, that has owned that store for 6 years, and is a regular vendor at the Fair Fax Flea. All I can say is Dan is a pretty dope dude and truly one of a kind. Has the best deal on the block. A bevvy selection of Levis at an astounding price point of starting at $48, that normally would be priced $150 starting in most places in LA these days. On top of that he offered to alter the fit to my frame for an extra few dollars. I mean Dan and his shop are vintage Levi slanging unicorns. I highly recommend checking out Dan's shop if you're in the market for fun stuff and Levis. He alters it on the spot and only takes an hour to do any alterations the day of.

Dan at his booth in the Fairfax Flea

Find him:

Possession Vintage
5119 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042 Highland Park


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